Tekitou Sockets



This is a quick, simple and dirty implementation of a websocket client written in C#. It was originally developed to do some quick network game prototyping for Unity3d.


  • Must be able to use .Net sockets (Unity 5.x+ allows handheld games to use System.Sockets even with the free version of Unity)
  • .Net 3.5+
  • It was developed and tested with Mono, so should work no problem.


  • clone the repo
  • Drop WebsocketController.cs in a VS / Mono / Unity3d project.


  • There is an example MonoBehaviour script, WebsocketManager.cs , that can be attached to some Unity GameObject and used with WebsocketController.cs to use Websockets with Unity.

Example Unity usage

(see WebsocketManager.cs )

The following just creates an infinite loop of echos with an echo server.

  _onReceive = (s) => {

			Debug.Log ("Received " + s);
			_websocketController.Send ("Sending echo message forever.");
		_onOpen = (s) => {
			Debug.Log ("Connection opened " + s); 
			_websocketController.Send ("Sending echo message.");
		_onClose = (s) => Debug.Log ("Connection closed, " + s);
		_onError = (s) => Debug.Log ("Connection error, " + s);
		//connect to to do echo test.
		Setup ("ws://", "80", "/echo", "");