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First Unity 3D tutorial

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on September 10th, 2016
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Roll a Ball - Unity Tutorial

If you’re interested in game development, check out the Unity game engine. This is Unity’s first tutorial on how to get ball rolling in 3D and they do a great job explaining the game engine.

  • First video (15 minutes in) - I made a ground object and a player object (a ball)
  • Second video (30 minutes in) - Quick intro to the API for scripting, looks like they have things laid out pretty nicely for different methods to run per frame. I’m using C# to make the ball move by assigning movement to keyboard input. I run the ‘game’ and have a ball moving around in 3D with my arrow keys. Sweet!!
  • Third video (40 minutes in) - My camera is following my sphere (by making Camera a child of the Player object), but it’s doing some weird stuff (camera rotates around the sphere). Okay, don’t not make the camera a Child; instead do a script to follow the Player object.
  • Fourth video (50 minutes in) - Let’s add some Game objects (walls) around an Empty Game object (so you can reposition the group easier).
  • Fifth video (An hour in) - Let’s add in some Game objects for the player to pickup (creating a Fab so we can duplicate it)
  • Sixth video (1hr 20 min in) - Now that we have a bunch of objects for pickup, we want to be able to run into them to trigger collecting the items.
  • Seventh video (1hr 40 min in) - We add a counter and some GUI elements (e.g. win text)
  • Eight video (1hr 50 min in) - We build our game to different target platforms (e.g. Mac, iOS)

##Screenshot A ball rolling... much excitement

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