Unity VR Maze

VR Medieval Maze with Sci-fi Ending

A player is unfortunate enough to find himself lost in a strange place with seemingly no way escape. But hopefully there’s something that might help…

VR Maze VR Maze


  • Click on blue arrows to navigate around
  • Click on coins and keys to collect them
  • Click on the door lock to open the door (key needs to be collected first)


  • You better collect all the coins before entering the door 😃

What is that?

This is just a sample project made for Udacity VR course. The goal of the project was to get hands on scripting more seriously.

Installation & Building

  • Open project in Unity 5.4.x.
  • Import GoogleVR SDK package.
  • Set platform to Android and build (it may work for iOS, but this was not tested)


See Build folder for built APK.