Unity VR Mars Apartments

VR Mars Apartments Project

In a not so distant future, a lonely austronaut living near the Columbia Hills area is spending his martian days learning various Udacity courses…

VR Mars Apartments


  • Press in any place to teleport around.
  • Press on Mars globe to give it a spin.

What is that?

This is just a sample project made for Udacity VR course. The goal of the project was to familiarise with Unity basics of animations, materials, scripting, lightmaps, and optimizations for mobile.

Installation & Building

  • Open project in Unity 5.4.x.
  • Import GoogleVR SDK package.
  • Set platform to Android and build (it may work for iOS, but this was not tested)


See Build folder for built APK.


Yes, these windows and door look rather silly on Mars and will lead to death 😃