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:tea: All Gang of Four Design Patterns written in Unity C# with many examples. And some Game Programming Patterns written in Unity C#. | 各种设计模式的Unity3D C#版本实现

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Design Patterns Written in Unity3D

This repository is about cool design patterns written in Unity3D C#.

  • Now 23 Gang of Four Patterns have all been finished in Unity3D in this repository.
  • Each pattern contains the corresponding structure implementations, application examples and diagrams. Same way with Naphier/unity-design-patterns, in this repository each pattern is contained in a separate folder. Inside these are a folder (“Structure”) to show what classes are used in the pattern’s structure in Unity3D(with a scene) and a folder or folders (“Example”) showing one or more real-world example of using the pattern in Unity3D along with a scene showing it in action. Each pattern folder may contain one or more Example.
  • Game design patterns from book Game Programming Patterns have been partially implemented.


  • 目前已经在Unity中实现了《设计模式:可复用面向对象软件的基础》一书中提出的23种设计模式。
  • 每种模式都包含对应的结构实现、应用示例以及图示介绍。类似Naphier/unity-design-patterns的结构,此repo中的每种模式用单独的文件夹分开。每种模式对应的文件夹中包含了名为“Structure”的子文件夹,里面存放的是此模式在Unity中的使用代码的基本框架实现,而另外包含的Example子文件夹中存放的是此模式在Unity中使用的实际示例。每种框架实现或实例示例实现都包含对应的场景,每种模式文件夹中可能包含一个或者多个Example。
  • 游戏编程模式》一书中介绍的常用游戏设计模式的Unity版实现也有部分实现。


I、Gang of Four Patterns in Unity (23种GOF设计模式的Unity实现)

Behavioral Patterns 行为型模式

Structural Patterns 结构型模式

Creational Patterns 创建型模式

II、Game Programming Patterns in Unity (《游戏编程模式》的Unity实现)

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