Strangeioc Reversi


A Reversi game example coded for Unity3d utilizing the StrangeIoC framework.

Installation instructions

  • clone repo

  • setup submodules (child git repos)

    • cd strangeioc-reversi/
    • git submodule init
    • git submodule update
  • open project in Unity

    • open unity
    • File -> Open Project…
    • In Project Wizard Windows select ‘Open Other…’
    • Navigate an choose the ‘strangeioc-reversi’ folder
  • open main scene in Unity

    • File -> Open Scene…
    • Navigate to [project root]/Assets/scenes/main.unity
  • Press the ‘Play’ button to run example!

  • If you get compile errors, make sure your MonoDevelop projects are set to use the .Net 4.0 Framework.