Immersive Deep Dreaming

Immersive Deep Dreaming

Project structure

This project is made based on modifications from Google VR’s SDK.

Many unused files haven’t been removed yet.

The only important scene for the project is: Assets/skybox.unity

Two folders have been ignored, for they contained more than 100Mb each:

  1. Assets/Resources
  2. Assets/Plugins/iOS

The Resources folder should be created and filled with two panoramic scenes:

First scene:

  • Panorama sequence for left eye: l.0000.jpg to l.0155.jpg
  • Panorama sequence for right eye: r.0000.jpg to r.0155.jpg

Second scene:

  • Panorama sequence for left eye: inc.l.0000.jpg to inc.l.0155.jpg
  • Panorama sequence for right eye: inc.r.0000.jpg to inc.r.0155.jpg

It should be like this beacause, for now, this is hardcoded in Assets/scripts/JpegViewer.cs.

Our scripts are in Assets\scripts folder.

Our pano.shader shader is in Assets\shaders folder, along with our custom cylinder mesh cylinder.fbx.

Our material are in Assets\Materials