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Dissolver is a third person hack and slash video game developed with Unity 3D. The gameplay mixes adventure and a hard combat system.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on June 15th, 2016
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About the game

  • Thyer survives on a planet whose source of power and energy is internally powered on the planet and all living beings; the lack of this energy would end up destroying all life on the planet. This great source of power is very valuable and not everyone intends to use it for good.

Many beings on the planet are rebelling against the rest pretending to get all the power and thus enslave all beings. Start your adventure and take on all enemies to absorb their powers and to be up to the biggest rival.

Game highlights

  • Massive Combat different types of enemy attacks.
  • Unlock new transformations of your character.
  • Search energy around the world to make you more powerful.
  • Get special abilities to defeat stronger enemies.
  • Confront the biggest boss that you will test 100%.

About Squady Games

  • Squady games is a little independent videogames developer group with more than 2 years of experiencies in videogames development. Some of our projects are ‘Rise of the Robots’ and ‘Dissolver’.

About Squady Games members

  • Victor Fisac: I am programmer and 3D artist. I work for professional videogames companies and I like to improve my knowledge during my free time. I have worked for independent videogames studios as programmer doing all gameplay behaviour, interfaces, graphics programming and ports for consoles like Xbox One.

  • Eric Gimenez: Since a year ago I was a mechanic. When I had the opportunity of change my studies for design and develop videogames and animations I had no doubt. Its really great to have the chance to amaze people through something I have created. Now, I’m a student of Animation 2D/3D, game design and new media.

  • Lluis Castellet: I am studying 3D animation, video games and interactive environments. Knowledge of animation 3D, modeling, game design, vfx and audiovisual communication.Teamwork, effort, sacrifice, creativity and always giving my best.Sports addict, adventure and adrenaline. I always think positive and enjoy every moment.

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