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A Unity First Person Shooter game made with Forge networking as an example project.

Unity 2018.2.3f1MIT LicenseUpdated 336 days agoCreated on November 4th, 2017
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Arena Game

Forge networking

Arena Game is a Unity game made with Forge networking meant as an example project for Forge.
Please notice that it is user made and the developers of Forge Networking Remastered have not created this neither offers support for it.

See a video of it in action here!


  • A fully working FPS shooter with a simple map and a main menu
  • Fully commented source code!
  • A networked weapon system with several weapons and easy flexibilty
  • Seperated world & view model system
  • Player customization with player name and player skin, saved locally and fully networked!
  • Animated & networked characters!
  • Player health, respawn, spawnpoints
  • HUD & UI
  • Ragdolls!!
  • A few more things
  • MIT license! (However, don’t be afraid to credit/thank me, I would appriciate it!)
  • A few articles on the GitHub wiki

The project includes some nice things, however, an example project would be too big and complex if I had to feature every thing Forge has to offer, so here is a list of things this project does not feature.

  • Master server registration. This is very easy to setup with Forge though.
  • NAT Punchthrough server. Forge offers a natpunch which I’m not using for this project.
  • Server browser. This project is direct connect only, however Forge comes with examples of both a lobby system and a server browser.
  • An actual gamemode, however everything you need for creating your own is there (A gamemode class)
  • Any sounds at all 😦
  • No options menu! The game is using some post processing that you can’t turn off ingame. If you computer is struggeling to run this, disable it on the player’s camera.

Arena Game was a project designed to show off how certain things are done in Forge Remastered, showcased as a fully featured game since I figured that’s the best way to example stuff.
It’s created by me, NF Mynster, come for a chat on the Forge Discord server here if you are interested in Forge or want to have a general chat with some nice people!

Documentation & support!

but why did you do this like that and that like this

I’m still unsure whether or not I will be supporting this for eventual bugs, as it’s more meant as a showcase product than a actual commercial/real title.
That’s also a reason why some of the systems are made the way they are, as they serve a better purpose of exampling stuff rather than being super optimal or ideal (such as cheatproofing)

Also, it should be noted that Forge doesn’t have a uniform way of doings thing (does programming really?) so this is my network design and my way of doing things, and there certainly are things that get be improved. And because of that, I wrote a few articles in the Github Wiki for this project, explaning my main structure and why/how I did what I did.
Find them here!


There are few minor bugs in the project, if you find some crucial ones, report them here


For making this a better example, I’ve used a few assets, as I’m no artist myself!


ArenaGame is made with Unity 2018.1.3f1 now updated to Unity 2018.2.3f1 using Forge 24.2. It should work on other Unity installations, try it out. Just open up the project in Unity, open the /Scenes/MainMenu and press play, and you are good to go. If you want to build it, make sure you make the main menu the first scene and the ArenaScene the second scene in the build menu.

There is also a compiled build included for Windows, if you just wanna have a quick test run


MIT - however as mentioned, feel free to credit me or contact me in some form telling me thanks or something similar! I made this hoping people would benefit from it, so to get that confirmed would warm my heart haha!

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