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Examples for tools library for unity 3d game engine: animator graph helpers, serialization (json), localization, event routing (eventbus, ui actions), embedded scripting, uGui xml markup, threading, tweening, in-memory protection and other helpers (pure C#)

Unity 2017.3.0f3OtherUpdated 3 years agoCreated on November 7th, 2016
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Examples of LeopotamGroup library for unity3d engine.

Unity tested version: 2017.3.0f3.

This repository uses main library code as git submodule, dont forget to init submodules after clone: “git submodule update --init”


  • Analytics

Google Analytics.

  • Common

Common helpers, uses by other subsystems.

  • EditorHelpers

Special helpers: show fps, screen capturing of current platform for multiple aspects, csv import (for ex, Google Docs), unlit shader generation, etc.

  • Events

EventBus realization with cancelable events, BehaviourTree (action, sequence, parallel, selector, condition and custom).

  • Fx

Visual / audial effect helpers: sound / music manipulations, screen fading.

  • Localization

Localization support.

  • Math

Additional types, ‘mersenne twister’-based RNG, fast xor-shift RNG, etc.

  • Pooling

Pooling support for any prefabs.

  • Protection

Protection for Int, Long, Float types from in-memory searching.

  • Scripting

Embedded scripting engine, optimized for low gc usage.

  • Serialization

Csv deserialization, Json serialization / deserialization with support of structs and nested objects (lists, arrays, structs, etc).

  • SystemUi

Helpers / performance replacements for uGui. DataBinding.

  • Threading

Background worker (except WebGl).

  • Tutorials

Step by step behaviour helpers, useful for creating tutorial or any other behaviour with ordered / dependent execution. Progress can be saved.

  • Tweening

Simple tweening.


The software released under the terms of the MIT license. Enjoy.

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