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Django-unity3d-example is an example project of how to use Django as a backend(API) for a Unity3D game.

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Django-Unity-Example is an example project of how to use Django as a backend for a Unity3D game.


Creating backends for your games has never been this easy! Django and the Django Rest Framework are excellent tools for designing your ideal Unity3D API. The goal of this project is to provide you with an example which shows you how to get started with Django and Unity3D. As this is just an example project, this does not cover deploying or getting ready for production.

This project contain the following features:

  • Players can signup using an email adress, username and password
  • Players can login
  • Players will be able to save their score and get a list of all scores
  • Players can save their game(blob of data) and retreive a list of saved games

This project was targetted for Windows users but since both Django and Unity3D are compatible with Linux and Mac, converting to these platforms won’t be that much trouble.




All the screenshots can be found at our screenshots page.



Thanks Tom Christie (tomchristie) for his Rest Framework, and also thanks James Newton-King( for his Json.Net library


Django-Unity-Example is licenced under the MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file for details.

The Json.Net library was also released under the MIT License

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