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Personal Code/Snippet Library for Unity 3D

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Personal Code, Snippet & Reference Library for Unity 3D




  • BindToCamera will bind it’s transform to parent’s camera’s near or far. Handy for keeping thing to the front or the back of a camera.
  • CameraFrustumGizmo always shows the camera’s frustum in the scene view. Even when the camera is not selected.
  • CameraFader fades the camera to a texture. It includes a inspector button to generate a solid color texture.
  • DefaultInstance Gets/sets a single static Default instance. Rather than have singletons, instances can utilize this generic container. For example DefaultInstance<MyClass>.Set( this ) and MyClass instance = DefaultInstance<MyClass>.Get().
  • DestroyAllChildren destroys the gameobject’s children. Useful for dynamic content. Can be undone when in editor mode.
  • DistributeChildren distributes it’s children between two points. The two points can be manipulated in the scene view.
  • DropdownCameraSelectorbinds a list of cameras to a UI.Dropdown.
  • GridRepeater clones prefabs into a grid.
  • InstantiateAtTag creates instances of a prefab in the scene at the position of game objects with a certain tag. When used in editor it can be undone. Instances can be parented with the game object at the tag, a container or the root of the scene.
  • Motion applies trig based motions to selectable variables of the transform component.
  • MotionCloner applies a master transforms position, rotation and scale to components transform. Provides options for using local or world space, and retaining offsets.
  • MouseHider hides the mouse after a set number of seconds.
  • PivotGizmo3D draws customisable axises like the move tool when the object is not selected.
  • SceneRecorder frame capture and video creation on OSX using ffmpeg installed by Homebrew.
  • Singleton inherit from to make a singleton. See DefaultInstance for a better system.
  • Spawner instantiates prefabs in a random location within a predefined shape. It can set to do this every frame and spawn multiples.
  • TextGizo always displays text in the scene view


Managers use the BowieCode.DefaultInstance<T> system.

  • DebugNotificationManager displays short notification labels with a severity level of either info, warning or error. They are displayed indefinitely or for a set timespan, and can be updated once displayed.
  • AppManager includes:
    • hides the mouse if none are detected or after a set period of time,
    • adds a checkbox to run application in the background.


  • SortingLayerAttribute and SortingLayerDrawer provides sorting layer selection for an int.
  • TagAttribute and TagDrawer provides range tag selection for a string. See: TagAttributeExample..
  • LayerAttribute and LayerDrawer provides layer selection for an int.
  • MinMaxSliderAttribute and MinMaxSliderDrawer provides range sliders for Vector2. See: MinMaxSliderExample.
  • InspectorButtonAttribute and InspectorButtonAttribute creates a button in the editor for InspectorButton. See: InspectorButtonExample.


  • Cycle wraps a Enumerable into a container with a Next method.

  • InspectorButton creates a button in the inspector when paired with an InspectorButtonAttribute. See: InspectorButtonExample.

    • example button
  • ParentingMode helps define where instanced GameObject should be placed.

  • ShapedRange evaluates to a constant value, a value between two numbers or a value from an Animation curve. These options can be selected in the editor. It’s inspired by Unity’s particle system.


  • BitmaskHelper provides IsSet, Set, Unset for enums which use the [Flags] attribute.
  • BowieMath includes:
    • CompareVectors compares if Vector are close to equal,
    • MapIntervalF maps an input float from one range to another,
    • SinFis a sine wave generator with an amplitude, and frequency defined by cyclesPerSecond.
  • BowieTime fractional day & time and format helpers.
  • BowieExtensions contains ForEachWithIndex for collection enumeration.
  • Editor Only:
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