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Project for Mobile Application Development year 4. Made in Unity

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Windows Mobile 2017 project

Universal Windows Project (UWP) for MOBILE APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT 3. The module is taught to undergraduate students at GMIT in the Department of Computer Science and Applied Physics. The lecturer is Damien Costello.

Design and implementation

This project contains game build in Unity2017 using multiple C# reusable scripts and assets from pluralsight.

Microsoft Azure database was used to store and retrieve players list in the final menu.

Working final version of the game will be published in the Windows Store

Game design

The game contains 3 main parts:

  1. The first level with start and quit buttons:

  1. Second room/level:

  1. Final menu with the ability to store retrieve players list from Azure simple table database:

How to run

Install the app from Windows store: EscapeRooms.

Alternatively, download Escape Rooms_1.0.0.0_Win32_Master_Test zip folder from my google drive and install by running APPX File.


The player can be controlled by A, W, D, S or the arrows keys. Use E to switch the triggers.

Walkthrough game

In the first level, the user needs to push the statue and use appearing trigger for opening door to the next level.

At the second level, the player needs to use the second, the first, and then the third trigger to open the door. Then push the statue to make a visible fourth trigger which will open all the traps. If the player falls into the trap that will teleport him back to the first level.

When the player reaches the last door, a menu will appear letting him save his name.



Main menu:


Azure set up:

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