Tuckers Temple

Tucker's Temple

UC Santa Cruz CMPM17X Senior Game Project

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Genre: Mobile Puzzle Game

Description: Tucker's Temple is a cross platform game app for iOS and Android made in Unity. Tucker’s Temple is a mobile puzzle game where players rearrange the map to guide their characters to the goal. The game follows the story of the three Tucker siblings and their pet bear, who delve into a cursed temple looking for their father. Instead of controlling a character, the player swipes rows and columns of the map to change the layout of pathways. After each player move, all the characters move once in predictable ways. The player must guide characters through the map, keeping them safe from danger.


  • Andrew Cousins
  • Jacob Preston
  • Aylin Delacruz
  • Kenny Wong
  • Elliot Minner
  • Justin Liu


  • Linda Nguyen
  • Laura Romagnali
  • Gian Parades
  • Antonio Caudillo-Leiva

Voice Actors:

  • Andre Portale
  • Nicole Maines
  • Taylor Reyland
  • Aliya Cacanindin