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Unity3D RuntimeDebug can show debug information in Android , iOS , and all of the platform.

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# Unity3DRuntimeDebug

#运行时调试信息 RuntimeDebug可以在安卓,iOS等所有平台应用运行时显示调试信息。(Unity3D RuntimeDebug can show debug information in Android , iOS , and all of the platform.)

如果你想要使用它就必须进行初始化。(If you want to use it , you must init it like this.)


如何显示调试信息画面?(How to show the debug ui panel)

用手指或者鼠标在屏幕上旋转n圈就可以调出调试画面(You need to put your finger on the screen and move around and move around and move around , then it will be show.)
为什么是n圈呢?为了排除不是项目中其他操作而误被调的。(Why must to move around so much times? Because it must to sure it is not for other operation.)


它还可以显示自定义的调试信息,像玩家Id或名字等。(It have debug information can show in reporter like player Id or player name.)

你需要继承ReporterMessageReceiver,它有4个事件可以重载。(you need inheritance ReporterMessageReceiver. It have 4 events , so if you want to use you can override it.)
void OnPreStart()
void OnHideReporter()
void OnShowReporter()
void OnLog( Reporter.Log log )

在ReporterMessageReceiver里,有一个reporter实例引用,你可以使用它来设置调试信息。(In the ReporterMessageReceiver, it have reporter instance. You can use it to set debug information.)

reporter.UserData = "Put user date here like his account to know which user is playing on this device"


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