Mobile Apps Tower Defense

Nebins Tower

Unity Tower Defense Game for our Mobile Applications Project.

NB. The serverside code is a project in itself, we strongly recommend you check it out. Server Code


You are a skilled adventurer who seeks to reclaim a lost relic which is held by the Gnome Illusionist Nebin. You must fight through his array of defenses to reach and breach his tower to reclaim your birthright.



  • Design of the Game
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  • Project Specifications
  • Serverside Code
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Design of the Game

Nebins tower is a turn based tower defense game where you are on the offensive in the fight to reclaim your birthright. Nebins tower holds all of the answers and treasures.

The design of the game is based around the style of the old game Battle Chess which came out in 1988.


We wanted to take a spin on this type of design and make our own turn based, 3D, tower defense version. In Battle chess you play through a normal game of chess but with an orthographic view and animated pieces. We took this style but removed the chess element and brought forth rules from D&D and created a game where you will gain experience, levelup as you progress through the game. So there is quite a difference to the source of inspiration you should see from the screenshots provided the design and style we were shooting for.


BattleChess BattleChess

Project Specifications

The aim of the project was to create a game that took advantage of the services provided by the windows platforms and the co-existing cloud services. Therefore we use the cloud to store information about current games, local storage, use media players and enable the game to be touch screen friendly.

The project was created using Unity3D. All of the game code is written entirely in C#. All of the assets were free except for the player board models which were created specifically for this project.

ServerSide Code

The serverside code is a project in itself, we strongly recommend you check it out.

Server Code


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