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Augmented Reality Game on Android using ARToolkit and Unity

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/***** Escape Room Game *****/

This is an augmented reality game school project made by Cédric Portaneri with Zheyi Lu and Mengran Guo in January 2015 (two weeks). At this time I was a 5th year computer science student from the engineering school Polytech Paris Sud and M2 interaction student of Paris Saclay.

This game was developped with Unity for Android using ARToolkit to detect markers with the phone camera and thus display 3D content on marker’s top. The goal of the game is to find a password and to escape the room by entering the good numbers in the padlock. The password is found in three mini-games in three different physical object (circle wood-piece, puzzle and book). To find the different hints for the code, you have to interact with the physical object with physical interaction (tangible interface) or using the phone touch-screen.

More information about the game is in the pdf report.

— OS Compatibility —

Windows only


  • Unity 3D for Android
  • ARToolkit for the augmented reality part
  • Blender to model the 3D object
  • AutoCAD and SketchOn to create the real objects with lazer cutting technology


Unfortunatly you will need the real physical object to play with it.

However the markers pattern are in this folder and in demonstration2.jpg you will see our game configuration

If you want to get the application you can:

  • Download the zip file, open the Assets/SimpleScene.unity with Unity
  • Link your android device with your computer (be sure the Android SDK is installed)
  • Build the Unity scene into your android and launch the application in your phone
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