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Text101 - Text Adventure | A 2D Escape Scenario game developed using Unity with C#.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 4 years agoCreated on January 17th, 2018
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Text101 is a 2D - Escape Scenario Game developed using Unity Game Engine (Unity v4.6.9) and the code logic designed using C Sharp. This project is made while pursuing Complete Unity Developer course on Udemy.

Course Instructor: Ben Tristem

How to play:

  • The Game starts with the player been exposed to a prison.
  • The only way to freedom is to guess the correct inputs as the story goes on.
  • Developers can have a taste of the code and are free to make their own story.
  • Have fun with Unity.


  • Unity is a multipurpose game engine that supports 2D and 3D graphics, drag-and-drop functionality and is used frequently by Game developers worldwide. A very much keen thing about unity is that you can build games for almost every platform: Xbox, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Blackberry, Web, etc. This is what makes Unity very popular.
  • For more info on Unity: click here

C Sharp:

  • C Sharp or C# is created by Microsoft and is one of the most popular programming languages out there. It is object oriented and has vast applications in IT.
  • For more info on C#: click here

Here are some screenshots from the game:

Here’s how the Start sceen looks: Screenshot1

Snapshot of an initial stage of the game: Screenshot2

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