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Media Playback plugin for Unity on Windows 10

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Media Playback for Unity on Windows 10

Media Playback plugin for Unity on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

It gives you access to a broad range of media playback features:

  • Local files, progressive and Adaptive Streaming (HLS, DASH) playback
  • Regular and 360 videos, stereoscopic (3D) and monoscopic
  • All formats, codecs and media containers supported by Windows 10
  • Subtitles

The plugin is built on top of MediaPlayer Universal Windows Platform API. Primarily targeting Windows Mixed Reality, it also supports Windows Standalone (desktop) apps built with Unity.

MediaPlaybackDemo is a demo project covering 3 key scenarios:

  • Regular video playback with Adaptive Streaming, MediaPlayback.unity scene.
  • 360 video playback (mono), MediaPlayback360Mono.unity scene.
  • 360 video playback (stereo), MediaPlayback360Stereo.unity scene.
    The demo project already has all plugin binaries prebuilt.

Supported Unity versions:

  • 5.6.3
  • 2017.2.1
  • 2017.3 (preliminary)

How to use

  1. Download MediaPlaybackDemo release package or open MediaPlaybackDemo project from a cloned repo.
  2. Look how MediaPlayback.unity and MediaPlayback360Stereo.unity are structured. If you just want to play a video in your scene, use Playback and MediaPlaybackRunner components.

How to build

For building the plugin, use Visual Studio 2017 with Windows Desktop, Universal Windows Platform and C++ toolsets installed. It also requires Windows 10 Fall Creators update SDK.

  • Open MediaPlayback/MediaPlayback.sln
  • Build Desktop and UWP projects

If built successfully, *MediaPlayback\Unity\MediaPlayback* should have all Unity files required. CopyMediaPlaybackDLLsToDemoProject.cmd script copies plugin binary files to the demo project.

Changes in C# files in the demo project (MediaPlaybackDemo) stay only there. MediaPlayback solution has its own “master” copy of C# files (UnityAddonFiles solution folder). If you change files in either location, make sure you copy them across both folders.

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