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Kirino Engine is Unity Visual Novel Framework

Unity 2018.3.12f1MIT LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on March 22nd, 2017
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Unity Kirino Engine


Kirino Engine is framework for developing Visual Novel features in Unity3D.

Kirino Engine offer visual novel funtions to execute, but not offer how to call functions by external script.

That means you can manually execute functions in realtime, but you have to make your own command stack or parser to implement “delayed call”

What core module do…

  • display background
  • display and swapping charaters sprites
  • print dialogues
  • play voice and music
  • image transition effects
  • etc…

For example, you can display texts by use this code (after setup some gameobjects)

VNController.textDisplayer.SetSay("Kiriring", "Hi my name is Kirino");

Or like this.

// some your own C# script

public TextDisplayer textDisplayer; // set this on inspector window

void Start() {
    textDisplayer.SetSay("Kiriring", "Hi my name is Kirino");

…and what other module can do…

  • Provice variouse command types based on VNCommand
  • Stacking VNCommand instance

Originally, I made this framework for my game developed with Unity. I thought it might be helpful to visual novel developers if I share visual novel parts from the game’s source code.


Currenlty it’s not fully functional. It’s experimental solution!

Any Question?

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