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Unity 5.6.0f3MIT LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on February 5th, 2018
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MeshDebugger v0.7


MeshDebugger is an editor tool to visually inspect a mesh. Very helpful if you want to debug your procedurally generated mesh or inspecting ideal parts of your model.

Download + Manual

Download the plugin via Releases or Asset Store.

See Usage Instruction Here.


  • Super simple (Just open the window and select a GameObject)
  • Dynamic update everytime scene repaint (can be turned off for speed)
  • Depth Culling (Reduces visual complexity) and/or only Inspect by fraction part.
  • Inspect static mesh with over 65K vertices without lag (and yes, it don’t have to be Unity 2017.3 to use it)
  • Many visual choices: Rays (normal/tangent/bitangent), Heatmap or Numbered GUI (triangle/vert index and other properties), Surface Shading (triangle facing, vertex uv and color), etc.
  • Support uGUI (Unity UI) and SkinnedMeshRenderer with no additional setup.


MeshDebugger does this in simple order:

  1. Get complete mesh analytics info
  2. Draw debug info to a mesh (can be splitted to several mesh if over 65K vert get added)
  3. Render it all-at-once via Graphic.DrawMeshNow().

Runtime Inspect

Because MeshDebugger don’t use Gizmos or Handles, it’s possible to bring inspection into runtime build, although it still need several modification because this is editor-oriented tool.

If enough people interested I can make separate repo for IMGizmos which makes this Immediate Drawing wonderfully simpler and fast.



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