Unity Examples


This repository contains example Unity projects that use the brainCloud client. This is a good place to start learning how the various brainCloud APIs can be used.


This example demonstrates how to call methods in the following modules:

  • Authentication (Universal, Email, Anonymous)
  • Player Entities
  • XP/Currency
  • Player Statistics
  • Global Statistics
  • Cloud Code

You can find more information about how to run the example here:


Bombers is a realtime multiplayer game implemented using Photon and brainCloud. brainCloud provides the backend services for storing data, Photon supplies the Matchmaking and Multiplayer server.

You can find more information on Bombers here:


NOTE: Bombers for Unity Networking does not currently support Unity 5.4 and above

This is Bombers but using the Unity networking introduced in 5.x. Note that some aspects of Unity networking are still under development and as such, the game has some missing features (e.g. join in progress).

You can find more information on Bombers here:


The Getting Started With Unity video uses the Space Shooter example as a backing project.

Find more information including the video itself here:


Example of connecting Firebase FCM Notifications to brainCloud.

Find more information here: