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Unity extension that enables expression evaluation at runtime to facilitate testing and debugging.

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REX allows expression evaluation at runtime to facilitate testing and debugging.

Game programming is a notoriously complex and error prone process. The ability to inspect variables and execute functions at run time is powerful for developers and helps mitigate some of that complexity.

Testing various aspects of a game at runtime has proven difficult, e.g. having to wait until a certain point has been reached to see if a certain event occurred correctly. REX is an excellent tool to counter this problem.


  • Runtime evaluation of C# expressions
  • Dynamic declaration of variables
  • Intelligent code completion
  • Lambda expression support
  • Detailed output of expressions
  • Macro frequently used expressions
  • No T-REX included

Quick reference

Handles any expression

Handles any expression

The ability to create variables at runtime is an easy process in REX.

Linq and anonymous function support

Screen shot

Manipulating variables, complex linq statements, lambda expressions or just simple expressions. All are possible with REX

Useful error messages

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Intelligent code completion makes writing expressions much easier. REX also helps you get to the root of a problem with graceful error handling.

The UI Layout

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  1. Expression - The primary input where you write expressions
  2. Scope - Determine which namespaces the expressions will have access to
  3. History - Keep all evaluated expressions
  4. Variables - List of declared variables
  5. Macros - Save frequently used expressions between sessions
  6. Output - Detailed expression results
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