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Co-op scroller game. Play now: SOFTENG306 (A+)

Unknown VersionGNU Affero General Public License v3.0Updated 1 year agoCreated on September 19th, 2017
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Serious game developed in Unity. SOFTENG306 - University of Auckland

How to run

Download the lastest release from the release page here

Extract the data and executable

Run space-crisis.exe

How to play

Space-Crisis requires two players:

  • Move with wasd and the arrow keys
  • Up/[w] is used for jumping
  • Open the shared inventory with [i]
  • Focus on inventory items with [y]
  • Open the character profile screen with [k]
  • Pick up items using [e]
  • Continue dialogue with [space]
  • Make dialogue selections with the mouse
  • Activate levers with [left-ctrl]

Both players are required to activate the portal to gain access to the next level.


View the wiki here


View the issue page here

Authors (username - name - UPI):

  1. RustedWheel - David Qi - yqi955
  2. wilmol - Will Molloy - wmol664
  3. minhakim96 - Minha Kim - mkim907
  4. oliver-allen - Oliver Allen - oall605
  5. cli727 - Chen Li - cli727
  6. ipar569 - Injae Park - ipar569
  7. j-x-huang - Jack Huang - xhua451
  8. Kentrix - Dovahkiin Huang - qhua948
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