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Unity ECS + C# Job System example

Unity 2018.2.0f2The UnlicenseUpdated 93 days agoCreated on March 9th, 2018
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Voxelman is an example that shows how to use the new Entity Component System with Unity in an extreme way. Each voxel in the scene is instantiated as an entity, and controlled by component systems. It also utilizes the C# Job System, the Burst Compiler and the asynchronous raycast to hit the maximum efficiency of multi-core processors.

System requirements

  • Unity 2018.2 or later

How to play with this project


This repository uses Git submodules to manage UPM (Unity Package Manager) packages. If you know Git well and how to deal with submodules, simply clone this repository and do submodule init & submodule update in it.

If you’re not sure what Git submodule is, download the contents of this repository from zip download link. After extracting the zip file, download and extract the following packages into the Packages directory.

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