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A Unity3D plugin for rendering Volume assets

Unity 2018.1.0b10MIT LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on March 20th, 2018
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Volume Unity Plugin

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Unity scene

A Unity3D plugin for rendering Volume assets. Volume is a machine learning driven tool, for reconstructing 2D images and videos in 3D space. For early acsses to the beta email us at this email


Use this link to download the latest release of the plugin as a .unitypackage

Once unpacked you will have a folder structure organized in the following order:

  • Volume
    • Addons
    • Perfabs
    • Scenes
    • Materials
    • Shaders
    • Sample

Use the example scene found in Scenes/ or just add the Volume Image prefab to your pre-existing scene.

To load assets exported from the Make interface, import them to Unity and change the Volume Texture field in the Volume Image GameObject to reflect your image.

Plugin texture change

Example content

We provide a sample scene with a sample Volume asset and mouse/keyboard controls under Scenes/Volume Example

Unity screenshot


For further support reach out to us at hello@volume.gl 👋



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