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Tool to help you visualize 2d physics colliders and joints. You can track their transform at runtime. Just add the proper component to GameObject with a Collider2D or Joint2D.

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Unity3d Physics2d Visualizer

Tool to help you visualize 2d physics colliders and joints. You can track their transform at runtime. Just add the proper component to GameObject with a Collider2D. Supported Unity 5.6 and higher.

Warning: Objects with scaled parent can render incorrectly.

You can visualize colliders in two ways: rendering them as mesh and using editor gizmos. Frist method needs more steps to get result, second - is very simple but works only in Editor and need to attach different components for each type of Collider2D. Also, this package includes GUI tools to batch some operations with both types of visualizers.


New version supports visualizing through Collider2dRenderer which renders colliders shape to standard mesh. This type of visualization lacks most features of the gizmos-based visualizers but it works in standalone builds, can be batched in one draw call to minimize graphics overhead impact.

  • AlwaysUpdate - updates mesh every frame
  • MeshColor - vertex color of the mesh
  • UseMaterialPropertyBlock - Set color by material property block
  • SetVertexColors - Set vertices colors with MeshColor value
  • UseCircleProximity - use a custom number of segments created for circular areas of CircleCollider2D and CapsuleColldier2D. If not checked default value will be used (20). You can set the default value by accessing static variable Collider2dPointsGetter::CircleProximity.
  • CustomCircleProximity - use a custom number of segments
  • Thickness - the thickness of shape in Unity points. If a camera is Orthogonal and UsePixelSize is true it will be in pixel size
  • UsePixelSize - to set mesh thickness in pixels

You can automate routine operations for you visualizers with the new manager which can be found at “Tools/Physics2dVisualizer/Open Manager” menu.

Gizmos visualizers:

Currently supports:

  • AnchoredJoint2DVisualizer - for DistanceJoint2D, FixedJoint2D, FrictionJoint2D, HingeJoint2D, SliderJoint2D, SpringJoint2D, WheelJoint2D
  • Box2dVisualizer for BoxCollider2D (EdgeRadius not supported)
  • Capsule2dVisualizer for CapsuleCollider2D
  • Circle2dVisualizer for CircleCollider2D
  • Edge2dVisualizer for EdgeCollider2D
  • Polygon2dVisualizer for PolygonCollider2D (Multiple polygon Paths not supported)
  • MovementLogger for tracking object’s position and transform


  • Don’t forget to enable Gizmos visibility

You can manipulate with 3 params:

  • IsVisible Enables or disables rendering of collider.
  • DynamicBounds Updates bounds of collider every time OnDrawGizmos calls. Useful when you changing Offset, Size, Radius, e.t. of the collider. If you don’t just disable to increase performance.
  • Color Color of rendered collider.

Use MovementLogger to track objects transform at runtime. You can manipultate with 8 params:

  • BufferSize limit number of records, set 0 if unlimited
  • RecordInterval limit time of data storing, set 0 if you wat to do it every Update
  • Color Color of visualization
  • Record enable recording
  • DrawPoints enable visualizing of position points
  • DrawLines enable visualizing of path
  • RecordObjectState Records collider visualizer state, requires class inherited from BaseVisualizer
  • RecordUnmoved record state even when the object wasn’t moved
  • DrawState Draws collider visualizer state



This tools can help you to automate some routine operations without opening manager window.

  • Remove all visualizers - removes all gizmos visualizers found in the scene
  • Add visualizers for all Colliders2d - automatically adds relevant gizmos visualizers for all Collider2D found in the scene
  • Remove all Collider2dRenderer - removes all Collider2DRenderer found in the scene
  • Add the Collider2dRenderer for all Colliders2d - automatically adds Collider2Renderer visualizer for all Collider2D found in the scene
  • Add default sprites material for all Colliders2d - sets shared material based on “Sprites/Default” shader for all Collider2Renderer found in the scene
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