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:hammer: Utility to combine color channels from different textures into a single output.

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🔨 Utility to merge different texture channels into a final texture output.



Using Git

Make sure the Git client is installed on your marchine and that you have added the Git executable path to your PATH environment variable.

Go in %ProjectFolder%/Packages/ and open the “manifest.json” file.

in the “dependencies” section add:

  "dependencies": {

Find more information about this here.


Dowload this repository as a zip file, extract the archive.
In Unity, go in “Window” -> “Package Manager” -> “Add Package from disk”
Select the “package.json” file located at the root of the package folder.

The tool is located under “Window” and is called “Channel Packer”


This is still under development and may be buggy.


MIT. See LICENSE for details.

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