Voice Controlled Game Parrots by BeheraSameer - 1


A Voice-Controlled Android Game on UNITY platform for the behavioral training of parrots

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on November 29th, 2017
Go to source

“git clone https://github.com/BeheraSameer/voice_controlled_game_parrots.git

Make changes

“git pull --rebase”

"git commit "

“git push origin master”

To view the UI integration commit changes:

  1. Open Scenes/Human_Menu
  2. Open File/Build Settings
  3. Make sure “Scenes/Human_Menu 0” & “Scenes/Bird_Game 1” are displayed in the settings.
  4. Play Scenes/Human_Menu. a. Start button takes you to the game. b. The bands are no more logarithmic, but linear. c. Game flashes yellow on a match and a red cross otherwise. d. To match frequency, look at the value of minIndex in the Console and generate a frequency = 3 * minIndex.

Use the Android App, i.e. Game.apk

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