Naba 2017 Labgamedesign Fungus Demos

Fungus - 3D Demos

This project is a list of Fungus demos originally created for the Lab Game Design course I held at NABA in 2017/2018. Most of the examples have been created on student request or as a solution for some topics raised during lessons.

Note that most of the examples are just prototypes and should not be considered complete products.

Scene List

Fungus Examples

  • 3DTriggers: how to use triggers to activate a Flowchart.
  • BasicFlowchart: a simple example on how to use the dialogue and branching system with a Flowchart.
  • BasicGameObjectControl: how to activate, clone and destroy a gameobject in a scene using a Flowchart.
  • CustomDialoguesAndCharacters: how to use Characters and custom Dialogs.
  • ViewAndParrallax: how to use views and the Parallax effect.


Demos created by Marco Secchi (