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Game Of Life


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Interactive cellular automata sim “Conway’s Game Of Life” implemented in a DirectX Compute shader. Results drawn to texture and presented in a first person environment created in Unity.

The player is in a computer lab filled with computers running the sim. Interacting with these computers will adjust the sim state, speed, and allow the player to generate a Gosper Glider Gun

Win32 build available here: Win32 *Requires DirectX11 capable hardware

Player Interaction

To navigate the computer lab:

  • Translate: WASD to translate
  • Rotate: Hold RMB + move mouse

To interact with the simulation:

  • move the cursor and left click on any of the black computer screens to place a new cell into the game
  • navigate to the computer with blue screen, left click the text icons to reset, adjust speed, pause, and generate a gosper gun in the Game of Life simulation

Tools used: