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Unity3D editor tool to speed up scene switching and playtesting when you are working with multiple scenes.

Unity 2019.2.0f1MIT LicenseUpdated 327 days agoCreated on April 10th, 2018
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Quick Play Tool for Unity3D Game Engine

An editor window for Unity3D game engine that lets you quickly list and play all scenes, as well as setting up a seperated “quick play scene”. You can also set up presets of scenes that can be loaded together additively.

Developed and tested on 2017.3.1f1.

Unity Forum Thread: https://forum.unity.com/threads/open-source-quick-play-tool.526158/

Installation (with UPM and UpmGitExtension, recommended)

Install this package: https://github.com/mob-sakai/UpmGitExtension

Install Quick Play Tool using UpmGitExtension.

Installation (with UPM, without UpmGitExtension)

Add this as a dependency in your packages.json file:

"com.starikcetin.quickplaytool": "https://github.com/starikcetin/Quick-Play-Tool.git#1.0.0-upm",

Replace 1.0.0-upm with the tag of the version that you want to install, or update using the Package Manager window.

Installation (without UPM)

Put the Assets/QuickPlayTool folder in anywhere under Assets folder.

You can also submodule this repository if you are using git. Here is a comprehensive tutorial from prime31 about submodules, symlinks and Unity: http://prime31.github.io/A-Method-for-Working-with-Shared-Code-with-Unity-and-Git/

Launch the window from “Window > Quick Play Tool”


  • Scans the entire Assets folder and subfolders for scene files. Then lists these scenes with a play button for each. You can set any of these scenes as the “quick play scene”. You can play any scene even if the editor is currently in play mode.
  • Prompts for save before switching scenes and confirmation before restarting play mode.
  • Provides an option to automatically adjust its layout depending on the width, so all content remains visible and interactable no matter how narrow the window is.
  • You can play a scene together with the active scenes (play additive); or you can play it alone, closing all other active scenes (play).
  • Presets: Groups of scenes that can be loaded together additively, optionally closing the current active scenes beforehand.

For more information visit the wiki.


Wide Screenshot

Normal Screenshot

Narrow Screenshot

Already In Play Mode Screenshot

Remove Preset Screenshot


MIT license. Refer to the LICENSE file.

Copyright © 2018 S. Tarık Çetin

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