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OSC extension for Unity Editor based on extOSC.

Unity 2017.1.4f1MIT LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on March 13th, 2018
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extEditorOSC - Open Sound Control Protocol for Unity Editor

Created by V. Sigalkin (ext)

What Is extEditorOSC?

This asset allows you to use all features of extOSC directly into the Unity Editor. To create your own OSC Editor Component, you only need to create a subclass from “OSCEditorReceiverComponent” or the “OSCEditorTransmitterComponent”, and implement all the functions what you need.

This project require: extOSC asset.

Release Notes:

You can read release notes in versions.txt file.


Custom OSC Editor Receiver Component
This example is implemented in a file: OSCEditorReceiverComponentExample.cs

[OSCEditorComponent("Examples", "Example Receiver Component")]
public class OSCEditorReceiverComponentExample : OSCEditorReceiverComponent
	#region Protected Methods

	protected override void PopulateBinds(List<IOSCBind> binds)
		binds.Add(new OSCBind("/editor/example", MessageReceive));


	#region Private Methods

	private void MessageReceive(OSCMessage message)
		Debug.LogFormat("Received message: {0}", message);


Custom OSC Editor Transmitter Component
This example is implemented in a file: OSCEditorTransmitterComponentExample.cs

[OSCEditorComponent("Examples", "Example Transmitter Component")]
public class OSCEditorTransmitterComponentExample : OSCEditorTransmitterComponent
	#region Protected Methods

	protected override void Update()
		var message = new OSCMessage("/editor/example");
		message.AddValue(OSCValue.String("Editor message!"));




  1. Copy extOSC in your project.
  2. Copy the Assets/extEditorOSC folder into your Assets directory within your Unity project.


Author Contacts:

> telegram.me/iam1337
> ext@iron-wall.org


This project is under the MIT License.

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