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A game about tank made by Unity

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on March 19th, 2018
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This is a simple game wihich is made by unity

Project Name:

Unity 3D Game TankWar

Team Information:

Team Name:

Love Game

Team Member:

D16123951 Yuwei Chen
D17125347 Minhui Chen
D17124591 Jianyu He

Projetct Description

This is a unity 3D game, we download some materials from the Unity tutorials webset, but we write all code by ourselfs. And you can see the code here:
When you star to play game you can see a menu, there are two game modes you can choose, which are player VS player and the other one is plarer VS bot.As the following picture: alttext
In the PVP(plarer VS plarer) game mode there are two tanks and player control tank to attack another tank, players have some chance to get some buff to let tank add health, speed and attack damage in random. When one tank is destroied it’s the loser and the another one is winer. alttext alttext In the PVB(player VS bot) game mode there are one player tank against many bot tanks, when player tank kill one bot tank will get one score, when player distroy the game is over and you can see how many score you get. And you can restar game or come back menu. alttext

What We Have Done

We use git to manage the source code on our project. There are 3 branchs for 3 team members. And you can see our commit in diferent branch.

Yuwei Chen(D16123951):
The team leader, creat basic game model, creat code to control tank move, control shell shoot, shell damage etc. Organize team meeting, solve team problem, creat git repository and merge code wihch is upload by other team member.

Minhui Chen(D17125347):
Mainly responsible for player VS player game mode, craete buff and design game menu, make the embedded video demo.

Jianyu He(D17124591):
Mainly responsible for player VS bot game mode, creat health circle.

Embedded Video Demo

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