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Node-based conversation editor for unity

Unity 2017.4.0f1MIT LicenseUpdated 133 days agoCreated on April 21st, 2018
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Node based conversation editor for Unity


This is only a prototype and not production ready. While it is usable in its current state there are bugs and flaws. I created this as a proof of concept to show a way to create a simple editor with branching dialogue.

What is this?

Its a node based editor for in-game conversations in the style of many JRPGs or Visual Novels. The editor is already able to create branching dialog but there is currently no code to access this ingame.

Node Editor

For each Node you can choose an expression for the character


The Image for the selected expression will be shown with the Dialogue.


Who is it for?

As I said above it’s not production ready. You can use it as a starting point, as inspiration or just to look at if you are curious.

How to use it?

Currently only one conversation gets loaded (Game/Conversations/XML/NewConversationGraph.xml) To change this go to the ConversationController.cs and change the path.

Open the Editor

In your menu bar click Windows-ConversationEditor to open the Editor.

Load a previous conversation:

  1. Click load
  2. Navigate to Game/Conversations
  3. Open the NewConversationGraph.asset file

Create a new Character:

You need several character sprites with the expressions you want. In the folder Game/Prefabs you can find the Template_NPC prefab. You use this to create a new character.

  1. Drag it to your scene, and give it a name in the ConversationStart script.
  2. Go to the CanvasNPC child object and drag your sprites to the correct expression
  3. Drag the prefab to your Project folder to create a new prefab for your new character
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