Old Museum VR



This is VR experience showcasing virtual reality and tourism industry works. The museum takes you to an adventure and riding through the information related to impact of VR in tourism industry. Using light, action and camera, this project tries to capture the reality and try to bring you an amazing experience.

Inside Game

Museum VR User Walkthrough

Game Design Overview

You can find the design process related to this game here.

Game Documentation

You can find the Android apk, screenshots and user playing video in docs folder.

Asset Structure

  • Assets/
    • GoogleVR/ : Google VR related assets
    • ProjectVR/
      • Models/ : Project related models
      • Prefabs/ : Project related prefabs
      • Materials/ : Project related materials
      • Scripts/ : Project related scripts
      • Textures/ : Project related textures
      • Videos/ : Project relics related videos & images
      • Scenes/ : Project Scenes
        • MainMuseum: Main scene for Main Musuem
        • Forest : Forest scene showing forest with few relics for user
    • Plugins/ : Plugins used for project
    • SkythianCat/ : Assets related to Glowing Forest
    • DigitalKonstrukt/ : Assets related to Scene like Elevator

Software Used

  • Game Engine: Unity 3D 2017.2.0f3
  • Assets:
    • Google VR SDK v1.60.0 for Unity
    • Unity Standard Assets
    • Glowing Forest
    • Protoyping Pack