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Node graph editor framework focused on data processing using Unity UIElements and C# 4.6

Unity 2019.2.0b6MIT LicenseUpdated 5 hours agoCreated on May 7th, 2018
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Node graph editor framework focused on data processing using Unity UIElements and C# 4.7

Unity Compatible versions

This project requires at least Unity 2019.1 with a scripting runtime version of 4.x in player settings. The current Unity version used for the project is 2019.1.5f1


There are two ways to install this asset: you can use the Unity package manager or move the entire repo inside your Assets folder. To install using the package manager:

  • download this repo
  • inside the package manager click the ‘+’ button at the bottom to add a package from disk
  • then select the package.json file located in Assets/NodeGraphProcessor
  • package is installed 😃

Alternatively, you can use the git address feature in the package manager on the branch #upm, it only contains the package but it may be out of sync compared to master.

Note that you’ll not have access to the examples provided in this repo because the package only include the core of NodeGraphProcessor.


  • Node and Graph property serialization (as json)
  • Scriptable Object to store graph as a Unity asset.
  • Highly customizable and simple node and links API
  • Support multi-input into a container (multiple float into a list of float for example)
  • Graph processor which execute node’s logic with a dependency order
  • Powerful C# API to add new nodes / graphs
  • Exposed parameters that can be set per-asset to customize the graph processing from scripts or the inspector
  • Search window to create new nodes
  • Colored comment blocks (node groups)

Remaining to do

  • Investigate for ECS/Jobs integration
  • More examples
  • Fast node creation menu
  • Node collapse feature
  • API to create the graph
  • Runtime processing without the editor

For more details consult our trello.


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