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A little AR game made with Unity and Vuforia

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on May 10th, 2018
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Age of Warriors

A little AR game made with Unity and Vuforia.

The objective is to destroy the enemy tower before they destroy yours.


Download and extract the .zip from here and install the .apk into your Android device

Start the game

After starting the game from the main menu, focus the first marker:

first marker

Then the playing environment should appear and enemy troops will start attacking your base.

Game Instructions


To defeat the enemy tower you have 3 Units

  • The Soldier: A regular soldier with no particularities
  • The Mage: A distance soldier that hits slow but hard
  • The Orc: The strongest and most expensive unit in the game


You have 4 possible upgrades:

  • Upgrade the attack of each troop.
  • Upgrade the gold income you recieve over time (max 5 times, each time more expensive)

Extra gold

You also recieve a little amount of gold for each enemy defeated

Special Skill

By using this marker:

second marker

You can activate a skill (just once every 30 seconds) in order to highly damage all the units in the map (be careful because it also hurts your units!)

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