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Right-To-Left Text Mesh Pro for Unity. This plugin adds support for Persian and Arabic languages to TextMeshPro.

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RTL Text Mesh Pro

This plugin adds Right-to-left language support to “Text Mesh Pro” Unity plugin.
This project used ArabicSupprt. ArabicSupprt for Unity now on Github.


Realtime RTL Text

You don’t need to convert, copy and paste texts. Start writing and texts will be converted right away.


Rich Text

All Text Mesh Pro's tags are available in RTL Text Mesh Pro

Rich Text Preview

RTL InputField (See known issues)

Realtime InputField is supported.

Input Field Preview

RTL Dropdown (See known issues)

Dropdown Preview


Yes, This plugin has no problem with multiline RTL texts.

Multiline Preview


Auto Font Size is fully supported.

AutoSize Preview

English, Farsi and Arabic digits are supported

Numbers Preview

Arabic Tashkeel

Arabic tashkeel are supported.

Tashkeel Preview

How To Use

  • You need to have TextMeshPro plugin in your project. You can install TMPro via Package Manager or AssetStore
  • Go to release page and download latest unitypackage file (or copy RTLTMPro folder from source to your project.)
  • Open one of the range files in Assets/RTLTMPro/Ranges/ folder using your favorite text editor.
    • RTL Letters are in LetterRanges.txt file
    • English, Arabic and Farsi numbers are in NumberRanges.txt file
    • Arabic tashil are in TashkilRanges.txt file.
  • Make sure you have copied ranges that you want to use
  • Open Window/TextMeshPro/Font Asset Creator window.
  • Assign your font in Font Source field (Your font must support RTL characters)
  • Set Character Set to Unicode Range
  • Paste copied ranges inside Character Sequence (Hex)
  • Press Generate Font Atlas button and wait for it to generate the atlas file.
  • Press Save TextMeshPro Font Asset and save the asset.
  • Use GameObject/UI/* - RTLTMP menu to create RTL UI elements. (Alternatively you can replace Text Mesh Pro UGUI components with RTL Text Mesh Pro)
  • Assign your font asset Font Asset property in RTL Text Mesh Pro component
  • Enter text in RTL TEXT INPUT BOX secion.

Usage Description


When checked, English numbers will be converted to Farsi numbers. When unchecked, English numbers will be converted to Arabic numbers.

Preserve Numbers

When checked numbers will not be converted.

Force Fix

RTL Text Mesh Pro does not fix texts that start with English characters. Checking this checkbox forces RTL TextMeshPro to fix the text even when it starts with English character. Multiline English texts will have problem on components that have ForceFix checked.

Fix Tags

When checked, RTL Text Mesh Pro will try to fix rich text tags.

Known Issues

  • InputField, Dropdown (and anything that was designed to work with TextMeshProUGUI script) will not work unless you do these steps below.
    Why it doesn’t work? We need to override the text property of TextMeshProUGUI. But the text property is not defined virtual. You need to manually make the property virtual.
    • Open TMP_Text.cs from TextMeshPro source code
    • add virtual keyword to text property.
    • Open RTLTextMeshPro.cs and uncomment the top line where it says //#define RTL_OVERRIDE
    • Now you can use InputFields and Dropdowns.


All contributions are welcomed. Just make sure you follow the project’s code style.

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