Karaoke plugin for Unity

Karaoke is a neat plugin to parse and display karaoke subtitle files such as SSA/ASS inside Unity.

If you are looking for a SRT parser have a look at (https://github.com/roguecode/Unity-Simple-SRT), this project is a derivate of it.

Use Aegisub to create subtitles/karaoke and generate SSA/ASS files, it’s opensource (http://www.aegisub.org/)

How to

  • Add Karaoke component to a Text component.
  • Rename the .ass file to .txt, then drag and drop it to the Subtitle File property.
  • You can either use Play On Awake or call the method StartSubtitle() or StartSubtitle(callback).
  • Add your custom tag to Highlight Start Tag and Highlight End Tag.