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Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on December 9th, 2017
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BackStory :
Your grandfather was experimenting with different ingredients when, by an unexpected turn of events he accidentally turned himself into a cat! He now needs YOUR help to run his potion shop. You must now serve the witches and wizards in “Montys Marvelous Magic” shop and through your work, discover a way to save your grandfather.

How To Play :
You start off at the front desk and click on a customer to view their order. The timer will then begin and you must navigate through the top right buttons to create the potion required. In the Magic book section you will find the recipie. In the Ingredients section you bring together all the ingredients and mix them. And in the cauldron section you cook the potion. Once finished you bring the potion to the customer and are given a tip based on quality and time.

Extra Features :
You can use the money you earn at the end of the day to improve your shop and discover new potions.

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