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🎵 Set of UI tools and scripts for integrating Spotify into your Unity game/app!

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Spotify4Unity is a plugin which helps you integrate Spotify connectivity into you Unity game/application easily, allowing users to use basic track control functionality to viewing their whole library. This plugin relies heavily on JohnnyCrazy’s SpotifyAPI-NET

Check out more and the full and maintained documentation on the Wiki (Updated regularly)

Spotify4Unity Demo Video


  1. Unity 2018.2.0f2 or above
  2. Scripting Runtime Version: .NET 4.6
  3. Use with Windows, Mac & Linux (Android/iOS NOT currently supported)

Important Note

For you to set playback, the logged in user needs to be premium. If the user isn’t, the API only allows you to get what is publicly availble like songs, playlists, user information, etc.

Quick Start

Check the Home wiki page on how to quickly get started with Spotify4Unity!


If anyone has an usage examples in any projects, send me a message on Twitter so I can fill this section with your work! (With your permission, of course)


Spotify4Unity is available under the Fair Source License. Check the License for more information


If you want to support my plugin and my works, please consider buying me a coffee (or two! ;D)

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