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🎮🎵 Add the SpotifyAPI.NET library into Unity, enabling access to the Spotify Web API, allowing for control of Spotify and accessing the world of music

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Spotify4Unity helps to add JohnnyCrazy’s SpotifyAPI.NET library into Unity. The package comes with a central SpotifyService which is designed to act as a medium between Unity and Spotify. The package also comes with an example Spotify App built from the ground up using Unity UI and the Spotify4Unity service. For more information, check out the Examples section

Spotify4Unity v2.0 currently only supports Windows, Linux and Mac




  1. Download the latest Spotify4Unity.unitypackage from the releases section
  2. Double click to import it into your Unity

Get Started

Take a look at the Wiki, which is smaller and contains vital information on how to use the package.


If you have any problems, feel free to open an issue with your problem. Please supply as much detail as possible

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