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Unity Build Pipeline Automation

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###Unity BuildPipeline Automation Tool

  • Builder is a BuildPipeline automation tool for Unity3D.
  • Builder requires Unity 5 or UnityPro for any version below Unity 5 to function. [(More info)] (
  • You are encouraged to contribute to the project!
  • Tested on Windows 7,8 and 10. It should also work on other systems in theory ^^

Builder uses following scripts from other Authors to implement some features;

Builder Expanded

Builder Collapsed

###UI Cheat Sheet

  • Save : Overwrites current configuration
  • Load : Opens file dialogue to load a new configuration.
  • Save as Default : Saves current configuration as default configuration.
  • Save as : Well, pretty self explanatory isn’t it 😃
  • Load Default : Loads default configuration.
  • Refresh Scenes : Loads scene information defined in Build Settings.
  • Reset Settings : Clears current configuration, Resets default configuration and tool settings to their initial states.

###Using Builder with Command Line

  1. Import Builder into your project.
  2. Define a new Configuration using Builder UI.
  3. Save your configuration using Save as button in Builder UI.
  4. Now you can use saved configuration to call Builder from command line.

Sample code "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor\Unity.exe" -quit -batchmode -projectPath "<projectPath>" -executeMethod Builder.CommandLineBuild -CustomArgs:confPath="<Configuration File Path>"

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