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:rocket: This is a game I developed in Unity3d when I was 16 in 2017.

Unity 5.1.0f3MIT LicenseUpdated 356 days agoCreated on July 28th, 2018
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This is a game I developed in Unity3d when I was 16 in 2017. All objects in the game were designed in Maya and imported into Unity. The terrain was created in Unity itself.



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The goal of the game is to escape the raising lava and go higher to increase the level. Each level the lava will increase in speed. The user must collect fuel on floating platforms in order to maintain power. The user may collect a blue capsule to surround the vehicle with a sheild which protects the vehicle from the lava and teleports the user to the nearest platform. The game can theoretically run to infinity, thus a higher level is desired.

Running the Game

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You can open the game in Unity by clicking on the PROJECT BALL unity file in /Assets (this game was created after completing the roller ball toutorial in Unity3d & I was too lazy to open a new file).

Gameplay Screenshots

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Ship Design Render

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