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A simple tool to easily combine materials on a single texture atlas and material.

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on July 29th, 2018
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A simple tool to easily combine materials on a single texture atlas and material, useful to improve batching and reduce draw calls on mobile games.

How it works

  • All textures are combined on a texture atlas using Unity’s built-in PackTextures method
  • A new material that uses the texture atlas is created.
  • New UV’s are calculated and applied to each selected mesh. Currently it is not saving the new meshes on assets, but it should be easy to do. 😃

How to use

  • Add the Editor folder to your project.
  • Select the GameObjects that use the materials that you want to combine.

  • Click on Window/TextureAtlasCreator to open the tool window, you can see all textures that can be combined on an atlas and also change the max size of the generated atlas.

  • Click on “Create Texture Atlas” and wait a few seconds. You will be asked for paths to save the atlas texture and material. After some time you will see a window showing the generated atlas and all the selected meshes will be updated with new UVs and a new material that uses it.

Current issues

  • Only works with materials using Mobile/Diffuse shader (actually, with a minor change it should work with any material that uses a single texture shader)
  • Can’t handle meshes with UV maps outside of 0-1 range
  • Defining the atlas size could be somehow automatic
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