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Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 4 years agoCreated on February 27th, 2015
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It’s personal finances tracker and analyzer. It perfectly fits for my own usage patterns.

Under the hood, this project uses Caliburn.Micro framework and Unity as carcass constructions. MahApps.Metro toolkit and ModernUICharts library are there for visual appearance and charts building.


  • Tracking expenses, incomes, shared spending, debts.
  • Build statistics such as spending by day, by category for month and year, expense to outcome comparison.
  • Funds dashboard that shows all fund sources (cash, credit card, debts) together.
  • Calculate divergence between real and estimated balance after each operation
  • Pulls credit card balance and last transactions (work in progress) through online banking API.
  • Builds visual prediction by each day about future money balance based on permanent operations (rent, food, deposits, sport, utility bills).

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