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Unity project demonstrating desktop VR with hand tracking using a smartphone as display and gyro input. Uses TrinusVR + OpenTrack for head tracking, plus Leap Orion (for Oculus) for hand tracking.

Unity 5.3.2f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on April 20th, 2016
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Unity project demonstrating VR using TrinusVR + OpenTrack Redirect, plus Leap Orion (for Oculus) for hand tracking.

This works great for testing VR/AR experiences without expensive hardware (looking at you Oculus).

UDP receiver, Head tracking script, and example scene is forked from:

Setup and Debugging

  1. Install TrinusVR on your desktop and Android device:
  2. Open the Unity project and import the core leap assets:
  3. Open the MainScene
  4. Start TrinusVR, load the configuration file TrackingConfig\TrinusVR\default.cfg
  5. Adjust inversion and sensitivity settings, and ensure Sensor Output is set to OpenTrack Redirect
  6. Start TrinusVR app on the Android device, and connect the desktop application
  7. Build & Run!

Implementing Head Tracking

To implement head tracking in an existing project, simply add the Client script to your scene, then the FaceTrackMovement script to your camera.

Implementing Leap Hand Tracking

Add the Leap VR Camera Control script to your camera, then add the LeapSpace prefab as a child to your camera (or simply copy it from one of the example scenes).


If you start the demo by looking at the ground or sky, adjust the Yaw Compensation in the FaceTracking script. You may also need to adjust the inversion and sensitivity in TrinusVR’s Sensors tab.

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