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Quick Guide

Follow these steps to know how this tool works:

  1. Install Unity

  2. Create an empty Unity project

  3. Install the Exporter

  4. Open Sample Scene

  5. Type in export path

  6. Export

  7. Preview & Publish

1. Install Unity

Unity 5.x\2017\2018 or higher

2. Create an empty Unity project

Run Unity and click ‘New’.

3. Install the Exporter

Download the exporter here

Drag it into Unity and open the exporter window.

4. Open the sample scene

5. Select an folder to export

6. Export

Click Export button.

It is done when you see “Export Complete” in the console.

Go to the target folder, you will find your DCL project.

7. Preview & Publish

You have 2 ways to preview and publish.

1. To

Easy to start. Less softwares to install. Can share to others. Recommended for the non-professional.

Need to install:

Follow Export to

2. As A Complete DCL Project

Recommended for professional developers.

If you are going to preview the scene on your computer, or deploy the scene to IPFS, you should go this way.

Need to install:

  • Node.js

  • Decentraland SDK

You can follow the DCL official document to setup the Decentraland SDK.

To know deeper about this tool, go to More about Decentraland Unity Plugin

Special Thanks

Support from Decentraland Team

Ari Meilich

Esteban Ordano

Matias Bargas

Nico Earnshaw

Jayson Hu


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