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Unity simple tile matching puzzle game

Unity 2017.2.0f3Unknown LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on August 14th, 2017
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A simple tile matching puzzle. Get it here: Repo as ZIP

test chamber system                                 -A-
	temporary items (only during this level)

mmo like / rpg / dungeons / specific loot           -B-
	story telling

sci fi setting                                      >C<
	heroes, factions, team a vs b, 1 hero / faction
	hero ability (unlock more?)
	-> synergy with main stat of faction
	       alliance    - shields                     (first)
	       mechanists  - weapons                     (first)
	       pirates     - agility / speed             (later)
	       scientists  - effective weapons, hacking? (later)
	ship computer: tutorial,
	               guides you to your first battle,
		       taunts you on misplay,
		       repair it as a goal?

game play
	collect resources/loyalty/points
	--> activate skills / permanent effects (costs)
	hit points / damage?
	crew / ship battle
	focus on certain color (1 at start, 2, 3 later on)
	steps: load gun challenge, charge shot challenge,
	       missile steering challenge,
	       repair challenge, energy shield challenge,
	       dodge challenge
	gain experience per match / loss?
	  level up => reward / achievements / abilities
	campaign with
	  real battles against opponent
	  and challenges in between (mutiny, comet storm, ...)
	  and end bosses (other factions, difficult matchup)

Inspiration for steps:

Inspiration for abilities:

	relaxed mode / arcade mode?
		coop mode
		vs mode
			vote against items before level
				=> or choose item balancing (incl all)
		on special clearing => effect on other player
		tetris => inserts rows from bottom
		regional rank (world europe germany sh kiel)
	lvl not randomly generated
		=> best solution (minimal steps / par)
		=> timing

online play => lobby (global)
	skill level? matchmaking (items? rank?)
	empty lobby?

invite function
	email, telnumber, google, facebook connect, twitter?

-money- (later)
	shop? (no item shop if choosable items?)
	ad? (watch to replenish lives, const. displ)
	themes / skins? (setting / story? fun skins?)
	avatar / characters / heroes? (mash up / cross over)
		ip? or generic characters
		unlocking or buy heroes?
		loot boxes / boosters
	level unlocks?
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