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Zeef is a C# framework built for Unity. It provides tools and jumping-off points for any Unity project.

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Zachary’s Framework (Zeef) is a C# game framework built for Unity.

Current Unity Version

Unity 2019.1.4f1


This project requires minimal setup to get working.

Step 1: Scripting Runtime Version
  • This project requires a higher version of C# that Unity regularly uses. To enable the higher version of C# you must change the Scripting Runtime Version setting from .Net 3.5 Equivalent to .Net 4.x Equivalent

    • This setting is found at Edit => Project Settings => Player => Other Settings => Configuration => Scripting Runtime Version


Step 2: AsyncAwaitUtil Extension

Thats it!

With basic setup now completed, you can use all of Zeef’s functionality. Feel free to check out the examples if you’d like.


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